SVS Productions

Vanilla Black Autumn Lanes Rally 2015
Saturday 14th November

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Important Information to all competitors:

All competitors please note all applicants wishing to use the Jelf Insurance scheme must be able to comply with all points of the Jelf Insurance Partnership’s Declaration (see attached supplementary regulations) If you comply with all of the points no letter of Acceptance will be required. If unable to comply with any of the points you will be required to complete the Declaration form (the form can be obtained by contacting the event secretary or Jelf Insurance Partnership) which should be forwarded either to the organisers or direct to Jelf Insurance Partnership at least two weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time for a letter of acceptance to be issued.

For furth
er information on competing or marshalling, please contact the motor club
on 07884 386025 between 6pm-10pm weekdays, 12 noon-5pm weekends.

For more details see the Supplementary Regulations - Click Here