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2009 Event Winners - Derek McGarrity & Dermot Fahy - Subaru Impreza N12b

Morrow Autumn Lanes Rally 2012

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Event Details:

Have you got a car?

Is it taxed and insured?

Then this event is made for you!!

The Morrow Fuels Autumn Tests will take place on Saturday 10th November 2012. This fun event will consist of Navigation and Driving Tests. There will be no reversing on this event (unless you're lost) and navigation will be straightforward with the competitive element being the driving tests.
Tests are run on private lanes, which could be tarmac, concrete, gravel, mud or grass and you may even pass through the occasional farmyard.

We will start in Crossgar and hope to have in excess of 20 special tests in the Crossgar, Killyeagh and Downpatrick area.

The entry fee is just £65 and entries close on Saturday 3rd November 2012.
Please find the regs and entry form for the event linked above.

Yours in Sport
Dave Meeke
Competition Secretary
Ballynahinch & District Motor Club.

For furth
er information on competing or marshalling, please contact the motor club
on 07884 386025 between 6pm-10pm weekdays, 12 noon-5pm weekends.

For more details see the Supplementary Regulations - Click Here